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The Law Firm of Isabel M. Millard, PC concentrates its practice entirely in the area of Family Law. We provide legal advice and services ranging from:

Welcome to Isabel M. Millard, PC. We invite you to contact us with any questions or to schedule a confidential and comprehensive consultation with one of the firm’s lawyers. If you reside out of state or out of the country, we are available for telephone consultation.

Our Philosophy

Whether dealing with divorce, custody, visitation or domestic violence, Family Law issues impact the very core of our society – the family unit. Our goal is to minimize acrimony among family members during a difficult and emotional time while protecting the rights of our clients through zealous advocacy. It is a delicate balance and each of the attorneys at Isabel M. Millard, PC bring a diverse legal and personal background to the practice of Family Law. For more information on the partners, please visit our Biography section.

Research, writing and advocacy are the basic tools of any good attorney. What separates Family Law attorneys practicing with ISABEL MILLARD is the degree of skill and compassion our firm brings to each case. Through life experiences, the founding partners of Isabel M. Millard, PC understand that family law is qualitatively different than virtually any other area of law. Just because divorce may be inevitable does not mean that the life long relationships built through a marriage ought not be respected, particularly in cases where children are involved. The partners at Isabel M. Millard, PC take a holistic approach to Divorce Law issues. The focus is on fostering and maintaining familial relationships while aggressively representing our clients.

A key element to the successful outcome of any Divorce Law proceeding is the ability of your lawyers to network with professionals in related fields when necessary. Isabel M. Millard, PC have established relationships with experts in the areas of forensic accounting, business valuation, financial planning, psychology, actuarial analysis, private investigations and property appraisal. These experts are readily available to assist our firm when a case requires their attention.

Isabel M. Millard, PC represent a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 professionals to single fathers seeking custody of children born out of wedlock. Welcome to Isabel M. Millard, PC. Please read on, and contact us if you wish to discuss your matter in specific detail. All contacts that are made to our firm are kept strictly confidential and are handled directly by one of our attorneys.


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