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Parenting Time
(a.k.a. Visitation)

In a divorce the marriage ends but the family continues. All parties should strive to put the children first and do everything possible to foster ongoing, healthy relationships between the children and the non custodial parent. It remains a reality in our society that mothers are usually the primary caretakers of children, and after a divorce children usually reside with their mothers. As a result, divorcing fathers are often afraid that their relationships with the children will suffer since they no longer share the same household. Fortunately, that need not be the case. With the right agreements in place, relationships between non custodial parents and their children can be preserved and even strengthened. Our firm has enjoyed great success drafting creative and flexible custody agreements and visitation schedules.

Under most circumstances, non-custodial parents are entitled to reasonable visitation with their children. Depending on the age of the child, the "traditional" visitation schedule usually includes every other weekend, one evening in the "off week," alternating holidays and blocks of time throughout the year for vacation. The "traditional" visitation schedule is becoming quite rare in favor of schedules that allow for maximum contact with the non-custodial parent. The attorneys at our firm have drafted many unique visitation agreements, for example:

  • Brief but daily parenting time for the non-custodial parent of a very young child.

  • Alternating 7-day blocks of parenting time for each parent.

  • Six-month at a time "shared custody" arrangements.

  • One weekend per month plus the entire summer for the parent who lives in another state.



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